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Vertigo and Tinnitus


In July 2012 I got noise-induced tinnitus from a nightclub, a week later I got checked by an audiologist and it was confirmed by her that at 4000 decibels I think thats what it was their is a decrease in my hearing which she confirmed to me is tinnitus.

I was fine for 2 months except the obvious ringing. In September I had my first panic attack in my life due to mixing a gym supplement that increases metabolism and taking flu medicine called Corenza C.. bad mistake I know, could that have attacked my nerves by any chance?

Anyway so since that day 2 months of having tinnitus I Started feeling dizzy and now for 3 months Ive been dizzy, it comes and goes....Its not 24/7 but I definetely feel some kind of dizziness atleast once a day. Can the tinnitus b causing this? I feel sometimes when I lie down that Im floating and when Im sitting or standing like Im moving but im actually not.

Who must I see to check for this? ENT or audiologist? Is their a way to check for inner ear damage? Is their medication to relief the syptoms of the dizziness? Thanks

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