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Re: Positive ANA AB Titer with Nucleolar Patter??

Again, I'm just a dumb patient, but for what it's worth, your swollen fingers do not sound like the typical swelling in limited ssc, nor does the shiny skin, but you should def have the wrinkles around your mouth looked at as even they, in a certain pattern, can point in one direction or another. In sclero, the swelling is always bilateral and never goes down. Yes, VeeJ, Raynaud's can appear in a myriad of autoimmune diseases and also as a stand alone. Boxermama, was a nailfold capillaroscopy done when you were diagnosed with Raynaud's? If not, I'd want that done too, as that one simple test can help rule things in or out or point in a particular direction. Umm, as far as ANA patterns go, and because I do have limited systemic sclero, I read a lot of medical journals and abstracts, plus I have acquaintences in the sclero community who also keep up on that sort of thing. Sorry for the randomness, but I keep wanting to address things . I had early menopuse at age 38, so I got the sweating and hot flushes without suspecting I was going through perimenopause at all, until I was all the way thru meno. And if you DO have a lot of telangiastias, by all means, let the Dr. see them. My chest is permanently red from them all and I even have them on my lips. And yes, UCTD is different than MCTD which I also gather requires anti-RNP. UCTD is more like an undeveloped cross between lupus and sclero. I also know that antibody panels very specific to the various types of systemic sclero can be run now. I have to admit that I was very lucky in that my rheumatologist is great and treated me with respect and compassion right from the start and I have never had to switch Dr's or anything. GP's on the other hand, not so much in the beginning. Any way, I was thinking of you and Angelaaljr and hope you both are doing as well as can be expected.

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