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Re: Question about vitrectomy surgery then cataract surgery in same eye

Originally Posted by haoqi001 View Post
I have the similar situation: vitrectomy surgery then cataract surgery in same eye.

Initially, I did not know what my vision was after my vitrectomy surgery, as cataract happened immediately after my vitrectomy surgery (even the doctor was unable to see)

I had swelling (on Corney?) said by the doctor. Now, about three weeks after my cataract surgery, my vision is:

- distorted (curving: straight lines become waving lines)
- haze 5%~10% (similar as with cataract; Also, it's said that there is a flagmen of former lens dropped into)
- images seem a little bigger (compared with the good eye)
- very nearsighted (500 worse than targeted)
- minor: background color is different with the good eye. It's white / cold (as expected but not used to)
Hi haoqi001,
boy this sounds pretty bad. Does your dr. think your vision will improve?
I sure hope so!
Thanks for your reply,