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I Love my wife but DO NOT like my stepson, HELP!??!?!

It is so hard for me to deal with...I have no issues with my other step sons but the one I have issues with , I have always had issues with.. He is just unbelievably wimpy (12 yr old) , his older brothers are not like that at all and constantly badger him about it, and it is making the issues worse. They have been disaplined for it time and time again....He doesnot help himself much , he is just a whiney, wimpy, hypocrondriac, that I am unable to help in any way. I feel bad because I have truely come to dislike this boy, and I know thats not right of me... I cant even explain how bad it is... He has no friends and he complains about everything, Theres really no reason anyone would want to be friends with him, he doesnot offer anything in the way of friendship. I have tryed to help him with this, but like everything else he just doesnt get it.. My wifes exhusband is extremely wimpy, but her other two boys are not.. Its just strange, my youngest daughter and my step daughter (1o and 12) constantly make him cry...I told my wife a 12 yr old boy should not be made to cry by little girls. She doesnt seem to see a problem... Is it me?? PLEASE GIVE ME FEEDBACK!! Am I just a horrible person??? If you need more info plz ask me. I dont mind offering it out I just dont know what would be significant as info....

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