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Re: Low T at 25

I saw the urologist today. He told me he would never prescribe testosterone to someone my age. Instead he told me he would start me on clomid. He also did another blood lab and checked total t, lh, fsh, and prolactin. He called me about an hour later and said he was confused, because I had symptoms of low t and my initial test indicated I was pretty low, but the most recent blood work showed normal numbers. He said that he had never seen a swing in numbers like this before. He also said he had never seen someone with free t levels as low as the first test not have low t. He didn't check free t on the new labs, so he wasn't able to tell me if it was still low. I haven't seen my numbers yet, but he is mailing me a copy. My question is this: How much can total t vary? Is it possible that my stress level at the time of the first test was enough to drive down my testosterone? I would essentially have had to triple the numbers of my first test to be in the normal range. I wonder what the likelihood is of my first lab work being mixed up with someone else's or something. The weird thing is that I do have several low t symptoms. Pretty much the only one I haven't experienced in some form is ED. He is going to do another round of blood labs in two weeks and said we'd go from there.

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