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another bout of pain

I had another bout of pain under my left breast (inside the chest) that lasted a day and a half before I made an appointment with our family doctor, who is a CNP. I hadn't seen her over the last few months as she seemed a little overwhelmed with my onslaught of new symptoms and knew I needed to see a cardiologist; however, the doctor I've been seeing in tandem with my Cardio has been out of town, and I was in PAIN, so I went back to my CNP. She was excited to see me, and even to hear that I had these symptoms because she "knew what it was." She handed me a medical journal printout for hyperventilation syndrome (she told me not to google it, that the only thing I would find was panic attacks and paper bags), changed my beta blocker from metoprolol to bisoprolol, and recommended that once that levels out again I take a daily mild anti-anxiety med.

I'll be honest - I'm skeptical. I don't think I believe anything at this point, or at least don't know WHAT to believe... but I'm hopeful! Has anyone else heart this phrase? Hyperventilation syndrome?

*Please note I am not a doctor.