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over one year "sinus" problems... please help!


For over a year now I have been suffering from symptoms that sound exactly like they would be sinus related. Symptoms, that I have every day, include:
- intense pressure behind the nose and cheeks
- when I inhale through my nose, I can feel the pressure building in my sinus area like a vacuum or something is being created and like the air is getting trapped somewhere
- pressure and headaches more pronounced when bending over, but even just walking around brings on the pressure
- dizziness that is not a vertigo/spinning feeling but more of imbalance
- head and face feel very heavy and my neck is sore from feeling like I have to keep it steady all day
- upper jaw aches and feels very heavy, like there is a weight sitting on it
- headaches, every day, at the back of my head (on the right side) and behind my right eye
- throat tightness and PND

The thing is I have had NO nasal discharge, runny nose or anything like that at all this whole time. It feels like everything is "locked" in the area behind my nose. I had a CT scan last year and sinus xray that were both unremarkable. I should say that other than the radiologist, no ENT has looked at it.

After the CT came back normal my doctor basically said it was anxiety. I was so unhappy with that diagnosis because, indeed, I am feeling anxiety when I'm having symptoms that no one can seem to figure out. It didn't start out as anxiety. I tried VRT in case it was an inner ear thing (didn't help), upper cervical chiropractic (didn't help), acupuncture and even travelled to an eye specialist thinking it was a vision issue, got prism lenses that did not help at all!

I then explore the TMj thing. Found a great dentist who made me a 24/7 splint. Been wearing it for over three weeks with no changes whatsoever. However, when he was going through my diagnostic testing with me, he showed my my panoramic xray and said, "Oh, and your sinuses are full, you must have a cold or infection". I told him that I don't have a cold whatsoever. But indeed he said that my maxillary sinuses, esp the right one, has stuff in it. My symptoms are predominantly on the right.

When I brought this up to my GP, we decided to try a stronger antibiotic than the amox I tried last year. This one is still amox but it has another ingredient in it that is supposed to make the amox more effective. I'm also doing the neilmed rinses and a steroid spray. It's been 6 days and still nothing.

So my question is, is it possible to have a sinus problem that doesn't show up on xrays until almost a year later? If antibiotics aren't working, could it be fungus? I had an ENT last year when this first started put a scope down my nose and he said everything was clear. I don't know if it's possible that it would be any different doing it again a year later?

I so appreciate any insight or guidance that anyone can give me. I am so fed up with this!

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