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Re: Question about vitrectomy surgery then cataract surgery in same eye

Hi everyone. Don't have much to contribute, but misery loves company, right? Anyways, my situation was very similar...Vitrectomy for scar tissue May 2011 =developed Cataract fast. Cat. surgery March 2012.

White background from new IOL vs yellowish in untouched eye. No wavy lines, but mild distortion and image bigger in surgery eye. This is due to the tugging of the retina from the scar tissue and surgery..photoreceptors are reorganized.
Lens Target margin of error is usually .25 either way...sounds like yours was off .50 ? (not 500?)
Also sounds like a fragment of your old lens dropped behind your capsular sac into the new fluid. This can happen, even with a good surgeon.
Hang in there and think positive. Ask specific ? to your surgeon, but also educate yourself !