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Re: Day 1

Thanks everyone. Today is DAY 2 and besides some anxiety and some bathroom issues, I am feeling fine. On my first night at home after work, hubs and I hugged and agreed we are in this together. I actually put on a brave face and made cupcakes with my 3 and 9 year old and didn't spaz when sprinkles and frosting got more on the table than on the cupcakes.

I think with a positive attitude and going through this with my husband will have it's ups and downs but everything depends on sobriety. Cold Turkey is the only way I know how to do this because I got myself into it, I have to be a woman and get myself out of it. My kids need a happy mom and when I thought the pills made me happy, it just made me pissy and not to happy. Having my kids feed off my happy mood yesterday had them in a happy mood.

I know tomorrow will be a battle also and I know the depression and anger will set in but I have this board to vent and to cry on. I just wish my husband would join so he could at least read some of it.

Having you all on here really helps me. I am praying I can do this!