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Re: over one year "sinus" problems... please help!

Sounds very similar to my situation. I've had constant headache since June, but my sinuses were supposedly clear from the CT scan in August. I had no discharge from my nose, but I believe my infection was "locked in". On second CT scan an infection showed up, but my GP was vague as to where exactly in the sinuses it was. When I suggested ethmoid/frontal sinuses (from where my pain is) he agreed. Only after I started peroxide flooding, did i start to get the disgusting discharge...I think the peroxide flooding unblocked the sinus tubes that were keeping the infection in.

3 different antibiotics haven't touched the infection..I'm now on my fourth and I've had this infection now for at least 5 weeks, if not longer.

To be honest, I don't know what to suggest as I'm still fighting this infection and haven't a clue what else to try. Candida has been suggested, but my doctors don't agree. It's a battle just to get to see a doctor here (waiting list for ENT specialist is 6 weeks).

Only thing I can suggest is to go back to your doctor and try a broad spectrum antibiotic, and maybe peroxide flooding (see sticky) which may help.