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Re: peroxide flushing

Originally Posted by Nightwarrior View Post
I have been doing peroxide flushing at least once a day <for about 12 days>.
I hope that you have experienced at least some improvement from the peroxide flushing.

For the last two days I have had uncontrollable sneezing when flooding either with peroxide, or just saline/bicarbonate. I was hoping this was a sign that my sinuses were getting better.
I knew that my sinuses were getting better when I could breath easily through both nostrils without discomfort. Then...... days later, when my sinuses would stuff up because of an allergic reaction, and I would get a yellow/green discharge, it would not lead to another sinus infection.

I used to sneeze during most of the peroxide sinus floodings. Peroxide is very irritating to the sensitive nasal membranes.

However, yesterday and today I have significantly more yellow mucus, small amounts of clotted blood and what seems strange is little bits of what look like black thread.
I did not experience anything that looked like black thread. I did notice that, as my sinuses healed and became more resistant to infection, I did not get any blood after a peroxide sinus flooding.

I'm not sure whether this means that the solution is getting further into my ethmoid and frontal cavities where the infection is and therefor flushing out more, or if it means my infection is getting worse despite being on antibiotics for last 10-11 days.
Well..... I can't answer your question, but, in my case, the more gunk and junk that came out, the better I got.

Anyhow, I am going back to my GP today to see if he thinks I should have more antibiotics or a stronger dose...the pain in my head is still bad (taking amitriptyline 25mg daily for the pain).

Any thoughts?
I am so sorry that you are having to endure such nasty pain.

In my opinion, the peroxide flooding's number one benefit is to protect sinus/nasal membranes from re-infection, while the antibiotics do their job. In my case, after the membranes were totally healed, (no more blood or gunk discharge, and less foaming) they became resistant to reinfection. I have not had another sinus infection in over 14 years.

How are you feeling now? Any improvement? Do you feel like you are making any progress, at all? Is the pain still bad?
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