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Re: over one year "sinus" problems... please help!

NightWarrior, gcsjr and solofelix.....thank you so much for your great suggestions!

My CT scan that I had a year ago was ordered by my GP. When it came back "normal", and after 10 days of amoxicillin that didn't help, my doctor didn't see any point moving forward with an ENT. My symptom that was the scariest for me at the time, along with the headaches, was the feeling of imbalance so I was finally sent to an ENT for inner ear stuff. By the time I got to him, the "sinus" pressure was becoming more noticeable and though I mentioned to him that my GP ordered a CT scan that didn't show anything, I managed to convince him to do the endoscopic exam. As you know, he said it was "clear" but I didn't realize, as gcsjr mentioned, that it doesn't tell you anything about the condition of the sinuses. I was basically left out in the cold after that with my doctor saying that it was all anxiety, and then I tried to explore other possibilities with chiropractic, VRT, vision-related possibilities and TMJ. As the year progressed, my sinus-area symptoms became more and more pronounced, but I didn't think that going back to my doctor was going to be useful because she was already convinced it was nothing but anxiety. It wasn't until my recent visit to the TMJ dentist when he did a panoramic xray that he noticed opaque areas in my maxillary sinus. So with that in hand, I went back to my GP and she gave me a script for amoxicillin clavulanate. She said that the latter ingredient helps the amox work better.

When I said in my post that I have no nasal symptoms, I guess I was referring to the obvious discharge and drainage that I figured typically comes out from the nose. I do have some PND, though, it's just that none of the mucous is coming OUT of my nose. This also made me second guess the possibility that it was sinus-related because I just figured that everyone with a sinus infection has a stuffed up and/or drippy nose and is constantly blowing. I haven't had anything like that at all.

I am going to a different ENT in a couple of weeks and I was going to ask him to do a sinus culture. I figure that this would at least show a little more specifically what type of infection, if any, is kicking around in there. Does that sound like a good idea? I had looked at the peroxide rinse in the recent past and I'll admit I'm a bit squeamish about it! Maybe I should just get over it and give it a try. The thought of being able to unplug something that really feels locked, almost cement-like, behind my nose and cheeks would be utter joy. I had tried OTC sudafed when this first started and it didn't help.

gcsjr - you mentioned that amox isn't the best antibiotic for sinus infections. Which ones seem to be better? I also have an appointment with an allergist for mid-January to see if there are any allergies at play. It's interesting that NightWarrior had two Ct scans a couple months apart that showed two different things. It seems that it's also important that someone other than the radiologist looks at the scans/x-rays since they can seemingly miss something that may be potentially brewing that only an ENT specialist with catch.

This has been a very long, horrible year for me with this without seeing even a single day of relief. I so appreciate the help from others on this board because you can at least go to these doctors armed with some knowledge and possible direction.