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Re: Vestibular Neritis success stories 2

I got violently ill at work.everything was spinning and had severe nausea. sent to the ER. After a day in the ER with tests showing NO STROKE, I was sent home. I could not walk. I could not see well. Moving made me nauseous. For the first week and a half I couldnt walk alone. I had no balance. I couldnt watch TV. My glasses made things worse.I had terrible brain fog. I couldnt use the computer because it hurt my eyes.
My Dr hoped it was allergy related and gave me antibiotics. 3 weeks later I was still not balanced, no driving, TV was ok from a distance and I could use the computer some.I could go to the store with help and only if I pushed the cart for balance. Since I had little improvement, my DR ordered a MRI which read fine. I was sent to a Neurologist who had my hearing checked by an audiologist and gave me Valium (which helped)
The ear DR ran ENG VNG tests. VESTIBULAR NEURITIS and OSCILLOPSIA (shopping cart syndrome) I had an inner ear infection that totally killed out my left labyrinth part of my ear. It will never heal. She said it was remarkable that I was able to do as much as I could with the damage that was done in my ear. (no I never felt sick and my hearing is fine) My right ear is working double duty, thus the balance issues.
Currently Im 2 months into all of this. I feel good! I still cant drive because I can not look behind me with out getting sick.ANd am afraidI cant react fast enough.
I cant walk fwd and turn my head side to side and my vision is still a little blurry.
I loose balance if I have to reach high or bend/squat down. Everything is worse in the dark. I can get around the house with no problems. I have not had dizziness or nausea until I was decorating the christmas tree I guess that circular movement of wrapping lights and tensil was too much because I got sick.

I have to have VESTIBULAR REHAB. This will retrain my brain to not over compensate.
After my first PT session I was given several exercises.
The therapist says If i really do my homework (exercises) I should see improvement in a month. And I must go off the Valium. Being on drugs will inhibit my physical therapy.

Im posting all of this because i have looked for a forum with issues like this to see other ppl's stories and I really couldnt find much then stumbled on this site
I hope my story and details might help someone else...