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Lightbulb Re: Daily headache behind eyes and over eyes- please help!

Hi there, my name is Dawn and I know EXACTLY how you feel! I am 29 and deal with the same issue as you. For the most part, I have just been taking meds to help stop the pain and to keep the headaches from coming back.

I take:
propranolol 20 mg once daily - blood pressure med
tramadol HCL 50 mg 3 times daily - for every day aches and pain
tizandine HCL 4 mg once daily - for muscle spasms and headaches
sertraline HCL 50 mg once daily - for depression and stress
Maxalt 10 mg when needed - specially for migraines
meloxicam 15 mg when needed - for arthritis

The propranolol and maxalt were specially given to me for migraines. The propranolol is just to try and prevent them from coming back.

Tizanidine is supposedly good for migraines - its just not offically classified as migraine medicine. But, good news is, it really seems to help mine! =)

I hope this helps you! Lets hope we can figure out what these darned headaches and from...and whats causing them!!! =)