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Re: Iron infusions for 4 years

Yeah, they did a biopsy when I had the endoscopy and he said that was normal. I just feel like we are missing some kind of easy thing that would make this go away!
The gastroenterologist who did those tests questioned how many infusions I have had and said there are side effects that are long term like antibodies or something. But when I asked my hematologist, he said I am on the type of iron that is not known for that and that there is no choice but to do it. He said he has given me enough iron to build a skyscraper, lol, and he has tested for everything he can think of so I have to just keep going in order to keep my counts up.

I just read on here that people are talking about infusion side effects. Does anyone have a reference I can look at? I really haven't found anything. I'm on Venifer but I forget how much. Some weeks he has done 2 bags and a lot of times I have a giant bag of multivitamins to try to help with absorption.

I hate complaining, I really do. You know how it is at infusions, mostly everyone else is getting chemo and how can you not feel grateful that you don't have cancer?
I'm just dreading today again because my favorite nurse,(the ONLY one I will let do my IV!), told me we have to look for a new vein because there is too much scar tissue on my favorite good one. So I know it will suck.

Thanks for replying, I really appreciate it!


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