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Re: Daily headache behind eyes and over eyes- please help!

Originally Posted by Bbrownews View Post
I am a 27-year-old female who has daily headaches behind my eyes and above my eyes near my sinuses. I also have occassional migraines that I treat with relpax. I am on BP medicine and take allergy shots for chronic alergies. These headaches started about three weeks ago and do not respibd to OTC meds. I saw my family dr who gave me an antibiotic for sinus pressure and it did not help. I am in pain all day. It is there when I wake up. I have tried esgic, decongestants, etc. I do wear prescrption glasses and wonder if maybe I should have my eyes examined. My last eye exam was a year ago. A recent CT scan was clear. Any suggestions???
Your ethmoid sinuses are behind the bridge of your nose and your frontal sinuses are above them. If you have had sinus and allergies issues, it would make sense that you may have mucosal overgrowth due to the sinus problems (usually that is more prevalent in the maxillary sinuses located on both sides of your nose in the cheek areas, at least it was for me). I really hate chronic antibiotics as they mess up your GI (digestive) tract and you can develop candida problems (yeast) which is really hard to correct. Candida is a fungus that thrives on sugar and normally exists in a pH balance in that area, but antibiotics messes up that balance and the candida overgrows - not just vaginal yeast infections, but can cause belly bloat and even skin rashes or worse if it's bad enough. There are so many kinds of migraines, and sinus problems, clenching or grinding your teeth while sleeping or chronic neck tension can trigger them and also make them worse. I have a neti pot I use when I have a maxillary sinus infection to flush out those sinuses without antibiotics. Worth a shot!

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