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Re: Hashimoto and Hives

Hi. I'm sorry for your problems. This will sound way out of left field, but did your drs. prove your psoriasis diagnosis via all proper and usual tests? I ask because there's a lupus rash called "subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus, psoriasiform or papulosquamous form" (abbreviated SCLE) that looks like psoriasis, but isn't.

I had 8 years of the second SCLE rash, called SCLE annular, which is targetlike in appearance. I had an awful time getting answers. 8 local dermatologists came up with "idiopathic rash of unknown etiology", doctor-speak for "we have no idea". Because I had other issues way beyond the rash, I took myself to a teaching hospital rheumatologist. He also sent me to a dermatopathologist for the 64k skin test for patients with my various symptoms: a lupus band test, which is deep-punch biopsy coupled with immunofluorescent stain tests. Those stains can very often (but not always) fluoresce in linear bands considered virtually diagnostic of lupus.

Here are some things that may help distinguish SCLE rashes from psoriasis, but I pose some as questions b/c I've never had psoriasis and I'm not a doctor.
1. The two SCLE rashes tend not to itch, but I think psoriasis does?
2. The SCLE rashes are typically extremely photosenstive, whereas I think psoriasis improves with sun?
3. The anti-Ro autoantibody is very often seen in SCLE, and ANA is positive about 70% of the time. I don't know what blood findings are seen in psoriasis.

I have cutaneous vasculitis, too, but not the hive-like urticarial kind. I believe cutaneous vasculitis occurs in multiple conditions, not just Hashimoto's. Of course hive-like eruptions can also occur due to allergies, drug reactions, etc.

BTW, I've read what you were told about Plaquenil, that it exacerbates psoriasis, unfortunately leaving steroids as the next viable option for cutaneous vasculitis that requires treatment in someone who also has psoriasis.

I was diagnosed with lupus some years ago, and my only sibling with Hashimoto's, so I'm aware that symptoms of Hashimoto's can overlap a lot with ones seen in other conditions. I also have a friend with psoriatic arthritis (you see ads for that one on TV). Have you visited your library? My sis & I finally realized that most comprehensive info on the AI's is in books.

Obviously I'm just a patient, meaning very limited by definition. I totally realize that what I just wrote are viable points ONLY if you don't have proof-positive for your dx'es, OR if symptoms have your doctors still looking for other things "rheumatological". Give a yell if anything catches your eye. I sure hope you get some relief soon, one way or another. Best wishes, sincerely, Vee

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