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Re: Day 1

Day 3 and still strong. Anxiety sucks but each day I write down a quote and todays quote "I am stronger than Vicodin". When my anxiety hits I read each of my quotes and breath through it. I listen to a lot of music too at work in headphones. After working 9 hours I come home to our two kids and muster up a happy face and energy to bowl, make cupcakes, clean, etc. Hubs having a harder time and we are bother grumpy and short with each other. From 8 a day to none is a great feeling and to know I didn't take a xanax to help me makes me feel stronger. I am just waiting for the big sickness of death to hit. Yeah diahrea and stomach ache but nothing I can't handle. Thanks so much for letting me vent. STRONG MENTALITY!!