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Apparently my friend with gout started taking calcium citrate (rather than the potassium citrate I thought would be ideal) and she looks and feels great. She lost all the puffiness that had accompanied the gout. I have had gout and in runs in my family. I researched it and it is caused from too much uric acid building up in the affected joint capsule. There are medications for it that are rather unpleasant, but if you can study the foods NOT to eat that are high in purine. Purine increases uric acid. Prednisone is a sometimes necessary, but pretty nasty drug; one to be avoided if possible. Good luck to you and your friend.

So I guess it's worth repeating, calcium is NOT bad for gout. It's only bad for gout IF it's interfering with kidney function because there's too much of it.

Oh and it's wonderful it's relieving, but be careful about taking prednisone for too long. I've seen it seem to make people go bonkers after a while.