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Re: 50 year old cousin just diagnosed...

Hi Everyone,
Steven got his Jtube last Thursday and is doing okay with it. He still enjoys eatinig, and as long as they calculate the calories he has eaten, he just supplements with the tube. Does anyone have some suggestions for meals/recipes for him? They say his treatment plans are based on his current weight which is about 227lbs and say he needs 2700 calories/day. He does have difficult swallowing some things and they warned him to be careful that nothing gets stuck behind the tumor.

He starts radiation on Monday. How long will it take before he feels a difference in the tumor size? or, will it be to painful to tell? I just dont know what to expect. His plan is to go to radiation before work each morning.

But any advice on meals that are soft and high calorie would be great as our church family is making them meals, and I want to make sure they are nutrient/calorie/protien rich for him. Steven is known for his love of food, so everyone is trying to please him!