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Re: over one year "sinus" problems... please help!

At the moment I am finding that Sudafed tablets (pseudoephedrine 60mg) and sudofed spray (Xylomtazoline 0.1% w/v) are helping a bit, but not totally eliminating the infected mucus discharge. My ENT specialist is against using these decongestants for more than a few days due to rebound effect, but at the moment they are helping, so I'm using them till the infection is gone.

Peroxide flooding isn't nice, but I've got used to it now, and I'm sure my sinus membranes are less inflamed because of the peroxide. It used to really sting and make my eyes water, but now it's tolerable and I've slowly increased the amount of peroxide. I was at the point where I would try anything.

But I think finding the right antibiotic is the only thing that will get to the infection, and doctors are so reluctant to give antibiotics here. And my doctor kind of shrugged off my suggestion of taking a culture to find the right one. If you can get a culture done, then that should help a lot.