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Question Panic Disorder

I'm 23 years old and just started having panic attacks a little over 2 months ago. I refused to get on medication at first but with each panic attack the anxiety in between got worse and worse and developed into severe anxiety and severe depression. I wouldn't be alone, I wouldn't drive myself, I wouldn't do anything. I was absolutely convinced something was physically wrong with me because I felt so sick and so tired. The doctors have done a million tests and it's all come down to panic disorder. So now I have started zoloft 25 MG, I've been on it for a week as of today. I have one day where I was really hyper and happy then it went back down to feeling tired and nauseous. The Nausea has calmed down some I assume my Pdoc is going to up my dose soon. My anxiety was through the roof when I first started the zoloft and it's helped a little bit I've been able to cut back on the lorazepam after just a week. I still have to take it but not as much as often. My question is... Has anybody ever had a panic attack where they can't speak? Even for hours after it "ends"? You try to articulate words but they just come out jibberish? This happened to me a few weeks ago, the ER doctor is saying a seizure but my PCP is saying just a panic attack.

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