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Re: tingling and strange sensations in my face so worried

Hi ScoobyLou and everyone else with this condition. I have recently started having the same thing happening. It's occurred in the past with me too, then gone away. Mine is under the outer part of my left eye(cheek bone), and is not, and never was a tickling sensation but a distinct tingling sensation. Someone said that they had recently done a shoulder stand and mine seemed to start after that too. I find that similarity, very odd indeed! It makes me think that it's something neurological going on with the spine in the cervical area. I've also had this happen on the tip of my nose too, but it's been a long while since Iv'e felt it on my nose. I have also had some pressure and ringing in my ears when I stand up quickly. I've always been at a healthy weight, and had my blood pressure well within the normal limits, but I'm wondering if it could be blood pressure. ?
ScoobyLou, did you ever find out anything? I'd appreciate insight or ideas from any of you!
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