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Re: Help! I take Tylenol daily and I think my liver hurts. Is it serious?

Originally Posted by msucks View Post
It is Great that I too have just registered for this today, IRONIC that you are the first that I saw considering I know about this 100% because I went through this, only by the time I knew it, it was too late..I had over done it with Tylenol back in 04 and caused me to end up in the ICU..Your liver enzymes are supposed to be between 0 and 45..Mine were at 4000...I don't mean to scare you, but I have to, they said that if I wouldn't have got to the ER when I did, that I would have had 9 hours to live, I will never forget those words as long as I live....They kept me in the hospital for 4 days and had me drink pure sulfur (DISGUSTING) BUT NECESSARY, every 4 hours to repair the damage..I was lucky because they said that I could have gotten the Hepititis' and I didn't..I could of had scerosis, but I didn't....Please Please just go to the ER and tell them that you need to have your Liver Enzymes checked immediately because you think you may have overdosed on Tylenol on accident because you didn't know the limit and have had headaches all of the time and now you think your liver hurts....They will see you ASAP and TRUST ME, I know you don't know me from Adam, But I am right...Please Go get checked out ASAP, I'd rather see you be safe than Sorry Please Respond to Me Sweetie....Thanks and don't Worry You will be fine as long as you get it checked out quickly
Hi there and thanks for your concern! May I ask what landed you in the hospital with such high Tylenol levels? Unfortunately I can not just up and go to the er. I have a terrible cold, and have a two year old with one as well. Especially when I am not even sure my liver is bothering me, and on top of all this, I've actually done nothing to indicate Tylenol overdose. I take Tylenol daily, well I actually Today is day two of no Tylenol, but I don't come close to the 4,000 limit, or 3,000 for chronic users. I'm just trying to figure out how to tell if your liver hurts, or maybe signs that the daily Tylenol was just too much. Maybe of you tell me your story, it could be helpful. Thanks so much!