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Re: My Stroke

Sounds like we are all doing good and marching forward. I cant tell you how inspirational I find these posts. Its good so so good that we do this. I think of the people unable to type but able to read our posts. I hope and pray it helps give encouragement and hope.
I must say after it seems my stamina is increasing. I have had two days that required alot from me and Im still standing. Like I have always said its not over till its over. Right when I thought that maybe i was at the end of my improvement, I get another surprise. Its good and it pushes me onward and gets me fired up and determined again. I think the greatest thing we can do is believe in ourselves for great things. To push the bounderies and go beyond. Yes its tough but we are tough.
Tinan7 CONGRATS ON YOUR 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY spend it having just a little more than a tablespoon of wine. LOL
Iwamura sounds like your doing well but your sleep is desterbed and thats not good. I found heating pad or ice pack worked. My leg and hip would wake me up and I would rub heat rub all over it and then wrap it in a towel. I know your not suppose to do that if you read the directions but hey, it works and I was able to drift back off to sleep. Is this pain new or from the stroke. Ill tell ya why I ask is my medication gave me frozen shoulder and was crippling my muscles. I didnt realize it because they put me on the medication right after my stroke so I thought all the symptoms were stroke but when they continued to get worse I started to investigate. It was crestor.
Good Luck keep posting God Bless Mulchie