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Re: I want to tell my therapist how bad I feel but I am too scared

Trust is a huge part of therapy. If cannot trust your therapist, then you souldn't see him. FInd someone you can trust enough to tell the absolute truth to without fear of jugdement.

I suffer from bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder and ptsd from issues in my childhood. I also self harm and have recurring feelings of "wishing I was gone". I have no fear of speaking about this with my current therapist. Now, my old therapist...there is no way in hell I would trust him with that much of myself.

I knew more about his problems than he did of mine. He would reopen wounds that left me self destructive and very depressed.I cut so much with him that it wasn't even funny. Then after bringing that all up he would talk to me about movies or tv shows, or nonsense like that. He actually called his girlfriend during our session to tell her about a movie star's son being the boy who played in the movie. He was very toxic for me and that lasted two years. He believed that because he was much older ( i was about 21-21 at the time, and he was about 63) that he knew everything. He thought he knew more about me because I of my diagnosis, than I did. Or that he could say things and assume things about me that he had no right.

With my current therapist, I instantly felt like I could trust her, unlike the other. Whenever I have my episode, as I like to call them. I feel very comfortable telling her. She is an awesome listener and does not jump to conclusions. She talks me through my emotions, and the reasons behind them and then together we find a way to handle it.

Find a therapist like that, and you will have no worry about speaking your complete thoughts and worries.

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