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Re: Positive ANA AB Titer with Nucleolar Patter??

Back from Rheumy and repeat blood work has same ana and pattern but white count is back to normal range so she said that is a good sign. The only things out of line were low C3 and alkaline phosphate, which she said she is not concerned with.

She said facial flushing sometimes happens as does the telangesticas. So she is calling UMCTD for now. She said there may be something "cooking". We discussed placquenil but I am thinking to not take any medication unless things get worse; right now I'm tired and achey but it's bearable. I know the fatigue could be from the pain but I just have a feeling about not taking medication.

Interestingly, my SIL works for an internist and asked him to take a look at my bloodwork. He did and he said his thought would be MCTD family but that I am very anemic and that may be why I feel so exhausted. My iron counts are always out of the normal range(low) because I have thallassemia trait and most doctors don't know where it should be so they just ignore all that shows up in the out of range there. This may be another reason to check with Rheumies from teaching hospital, I thing they may pursue to see where normal for me should be - I think.

Vee - gastro issue was thought to be worse because I was not careful with food or stress. I am a crazy coffee drinker, not black anymore but I can't find any substitute so I really lighted it up. I know, still not good though. Also on that stress note, do you feel that stress makes your AI issues worse?
Do you see a therapist? Just something that my mom thought might help. My old pcp always told me I had anxiety issues and that was the shortness of breath and chest tightening, I'm really not convinced, but I am a control freak!

Thanks for any thoughts or input.