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Re: How worried should I be for my son?

Hello, I can see how worried you are and no one has responded to you. I also posted on the Lymphoma board out of concern for my 18 year old son who has enlarged lymph nodes in his neck and I also have not gotten any responses. So I thought I would respond to you! Have you gotten any answers yet? I don't have any solid answers for you but I have raised four boys, my youngest is 15. I can tell you that often, if the pediatrician senses that you are very worried, they sometimes are very aggresive with testing to put your mind at ease. That might be why he is doing so many tests. When you say your son has a fever, how high are you talking about? I remember that my boys temps varied quite a bit depending on the time of day and what was going on (if they were upset and crying or playing hard, for example). I remember my boys would get very enlarged lymph nodes right behind their ears for days with no other symptoms. I was and still am a very worried mommy myself, so even if I don't have any solid answers for you I just want you to know that your not alone