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Re: Positive ANA AB Titer with Nucleolar Patter??

Boxermama, even if you don't want Plaquenil now, I hope you'll do yourself a small favor: look into it, write down its many benefits, get your arms around the eye concern (which is extremely low-odds, btw), and keep your notes in a file you could consult. I found the most comprehensive (and reassuring) info on Plaquenil in a lupus hardcover. (The lupus board has a "sticky post" on reading resources.) Plaquenil is considered a safe drug, and it's steroid-sparing. I consider myself very fortunate not to have needed stronger meds (steroids and immune suppressants).

About your colonscopy findings, those patches of inflammation worry me because inflammation can cause permanent damage to organ tissue. This is why the more serious GI AI's, like ulcerative colitis & Crohn's, are called INFLAMMATORY bowel disease: the word "inflammatory" distinguishes them from more "benign" GI conditions. I hope you double-check your findings.

My GI tests didn't find inflammation, but even without inflammation, I was miserable for 20+ yrs. Just a few days ago in an article, I saw two forms of colitis described that are common in AI's: Collagenous colitis and Lymphocytic colitis. Nearly fell off my chair! This AI-GI connection may explain why Plaquenil quelled my longstanding GI problem (among other things). i.e., if your problem is AI-driven, if you quell AI activity, you may quell the problem.

STRESS. No, I never bought the theory my doctors peddled. Yes, I was stressed, but I see that as the effect of my health issues, not the cause. Years into my problems, I tried a therapist. Laughably, I paid a whole lot of money for a year, becoming enraged when she went all Freudian on me, and finally one day bellowed, "My #1 problem is DOCTORS!" I'd never articulated that, so it was rather funny, I suppose...? I resumed working on my problems, and 3.5 years later got the help I needed (dx of lupus, treated by Plaquenil, OTC's, vitamin supplements, and sun avoidance).

Yes, I had anxiety attacks and sudden breathing problems (tightness & gasping). These appalled me because I'd been the little kid who rode the roller coaster five times running, etc. Interestingly, anxiety attacks are listed in the "alternative criteria" for lupus (those are in a sticky post on the lupus board.) I also read that lupus can disrupt the autonomic nervous system, causing breathing irregularities, racing heart, etc. My anxiety episodes stopped cold; and I find this meaningful b/c these years were very tough emotionally (lost my parents and two of my closest friends, and my husband had his first serious health hits).

Yep, Luca's immediate focus on UCTD/MCTD was/is pretty shrewd indeed!

I'd love you to do these favors for yourself: read up but include Plaquenil, and double-check your colonscopy findings. I'd REALLY HATE IT if your problems worsened for not weighing carefully the opportunity your doctor just offered. Let us know how you're doing & what you're finding in your studies. We want you to feel your best. Sending hugs, Vee

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