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Thanks for the advise you were right about going back to the cancer DR.

I stopped by my cancer dr.'s office , and spoke to one of the nurses. They are gonna order me to have a new Pet scan and an MRI of my neck. and scheduled an appt. for Dec. 20th to go over the results. Regardless of the results nothing can be done about the lump in my neck until I finish radiation treatments on my brain.

Yestarday I had my consult appt. with the radiation doctor. Friday I will be fitted for the mold to start radiation on my brain. 5 days a week for 5 weeks.

Yes he did agree with me that the new lump in my neck is most likely cancer. But nothing can be done untill we finish radiating my brain for 5weeks.

The lump in my neck appeared after just 3 weeks of my brain surgery. With the lump in my neck going untreated for 5 weeks, I'm really concerned about the possabilities of spreading to other places.

The 20th is my Birthday, mabey my present will be good news. :9}

But for now let's get to radiating my brain. I will let you know how those treatments go, and after my appt on the 20th I will report the MRI and PET SCAN results findings to you. Again thanks for listening