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Re: Triple Arthrodesis/Subtalor fusion

Originally Posted by ezgoesit View Post
Had a comminuted left calcaneal fracture and surgery didn't take. My foot is out of alignment, I have a bad limp and continually in pain when I stand or walk for a period of time. Two doctors said the next step is fusion to align the foot, relieve the arthritis and help me walk better.

I've heard mixed results of others who had this done. Any feedback is appreciated as I'm not sure whether to leave it or go for the surgery.

I am in week 9 after triple arthro and achilles lengthening. I had no choice but to have it done as my foot was turned out like yours and my arch was collapsed. My suggestion would be to go to New England Baptist - Dr. Leavitt and get his opinion. I was referred to him after spending too many years at Lahey who mis-diagnosed my condition. As for surgery, you will be non weight bearing for at least 7 weeks and maybe longer. I go for an xray on Sat and if good Leavitt will put me into a walking boot and start me on PT. What ankle is it? If left you will definitely be able to drive right after surgery. Mine was right so I waited a week before attempting to drive with my left foot. If you decide to have surgery you will need a knee walker . Let me know if you want to buy mine?
Triple Arthrodesis and Achilles lengthening 9/28/12