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Re: straining after stapedectomy

Hello livgab...

I never had the hearing after the surgery like others say they did either. I do know that my ear felt plugged up because of the swelling and blood that was there.. I remember at about day 4 or 5 I was starting to hear alittle something and this was with my first ear and my second nothing until the packing was taken out. So everyone is different and actually each ear was different for me. I also had the mild pain and the awful dizziness and that latest for about 3 or so days for me if I recall correctly. Don t worry to much...I am sure that the nurses wouldn t have allowed you strain to much to use the bedpan. I do understand how you are feeling though..I was the same. Didn t want to move my head to much for the fear of ruining something.

I know that it is hard...but try to relax and sit back this week...this week is the big week my doctor said for recovering and making sure to not over do it. Things need to settle down in there..