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ALJ hearing

i have been out of work since Sep 2010. My Dr took me out of work and I had what would have been considered Severe Major Depression. I have subsequently been diagnosed as Bipolar, ADHD and errosive osteoarthritis for which I am on medication for all. I had an ALJ hearing the other day and the vocational expert said there were 3 jobs I could still do. That was working in a hospital laundry, an order picker in a distrubution warehouse and a housekeeper. My medical records clearly notates I cannot do any of this work. .I testified that my focus is a major concern where I sometimes cannot get behind the wheel of a car. My lawyer argued the disabilities I have are paralyzing and that I would have to call in several times a month if I was working and that would exclude me form gaining any type of gainful employment. My right hand is crippled with arthritis where I cannot grip anything, open bottles, close my fist or lift anything over 8 lbs. You can see the nodules on my fingers where the disability is obvious. My question is .....If the VE said i can still do work (even though my lawyer argued this) do I still have a chance of getting a favorable decision? Has this happened to you?

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