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Re: I want to tell my therapist how bad I feel but I am too scared

I don't understand why you are "scared" to tell your therapist how bad you feel? What is the worst thing that can happen if you are honest? You have to trust your therapist is the number one rule. I have always felt better speaking to females about my issues (Bipolar, adhd, arthritis) All the health care professionals in my life are women. That is my rule. Im not some bra burning feminist but I feel a woman can understand your needs better. If you do not trust your therapist you need to move on and find another one. If this is the first one you have seen that doesnt mean you have to stick with him. Your insurance provider has a wealth of information that can help you out. If you feel you have to hide things from him that is not good. Hopefully he can gain your trust because starting over with a new therapist SUCKS!!! Good luck and I hope I helped you in some way.