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Re: Triple Arthrodesis/Subtalor fusion

Originally Posted by ezgoesit View Post
Thanks for the info, very helpful. The first surgery was about the same recovery no weight bearing for 8 weeks etc. so unfortunately I know the routine. I used a rolling chair to slide around the first time how did the knee walker work for you?

I had two opinions in NH and they both said the same thing. I did hear good things about NE Baptist though and I'll probably give your doctor a call.

It is the left foot so that makes the driving easier.

I hope that your xrays go well.

Thanks again.
glad to hear you are considering calling Dr. Leavitt. Google him and you will see his website. He is probably the best foot specialist in Boston. I can't imagine not having the knee walker. I use the crutches to get in and out of the car. The knee walker goes with me in the car and takes me everywhere faster than I could walking.
Triple Arthrodesis and Achilles lengthening 9/28/12

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