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Hi ctrue, Forgot to tell you that I think I have experienced the pain that you describe! In 2000, it started with my left side hurting. My ribs, around my pelvic bone & just under my left ribs on back. Went in hosp 2 b/c i felt like i was being poisoned. Had 2 follow up dr appts.Blood tests. On a test my bun/creatinine ratio was off a little & dr said no, not kidney stone. Over 12 weeks I had this pain. Only thing that helped was to lay flat on back on concrete porch with thighs on chest. One morning bam! Visceral pain( kidney stone pain) hit me, go to ER, had 7 IVP's then they finally saw 1 1/2 inch of my ureter(tube that goes from kidney to bladder) was missing & urine pouring into my body. Cystoscope with retrograde pyelogram revealed that stone was clear, shaped like snowflake, sharper than scalpel & it had cut my ureter in half & 1 1/2 inches died. Put in a stent from kidney to urethra for 11 weeks to make sure the ureter grew back with a lumen.( like the area inside a piece of spaghetti or the space inside a shot needle). So, the kidney stone pain stopped & the other pain from ureter. I was already in pain mgmt was taking pain medicine for my back & that pain broke through. Sorry so long but i wanted you to know that it dawned on me that I could remember pain like you have described! Hope you have a happy ending too! Thanks, gmak

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