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Re: tingling and strange sensations in my face so worried

I have similar issues.
left lower outer eye brow twitches some times
sometimes the whole left side of my face feels numb
sometimes my nose tingles
sometimes my check tingles
i'm dizzy a lot. I've taken vertigo pills, which did nothing to recitify it, so i don't think it was inner ear related at all.

I am in decent shape... a little meat on my bones but do go to the gym 2 or 3 times a week. i'm male, early 30s. blood work is good.

don't drink, don't smoke, eat mostly organic/non gmo/local/etc
I've had a ct scan done a couple times. had a stroke test done and the ER doctor said that a stroke would not cover that much of my face-- it would be more localized. So, feeling werid in more places is actually a good thing it seems.

I followed up with my PCP -- doesn't think it's anything.
I had my wisdom teeth (all 4) out approx 2.5 years ago. no other fillings/etc since then, other than cleanings. I can't recall if i noticed this before that time, but its possible.

I DO see a chiropracter bi-monthly. my lower back is a little twisted and my neck muslces aren't even (i pull one way according to measurements).

I notice it most on days i turn my head a lot, or look down. Things you odn't think of, like watching tv, or even shopping, can trigger it.

I really think it's something in my neck that is getting pinched/etc.

I also think I need glasses. I think i can see fine, but my eyes hurt sometimes like they are strained. I'm going to get an eye test this weekend to see. It's very possible that the eye muscles are what is causing half of this, and the other half is my twisted back muscles.

i'm also going for a massage. They do hot stones on the face and stuff and it works out a lot of it.

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