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Re: Vertigo and Tinnitus

So, I'm not a doctor, but I am someone who has experienced something like you have.

Here's the first bit of advice: start with an ENT. They will give you a full work-up and take it from there. Yes, there are tests, including balance tests, tests where they run warm and cool air over your eardrums and more detailed hearing tests. Sometimes they'll order a CT or MRI to rule out anything neurological. Don't be alarmed if they order that. It's a precautionary thing.

What they'll really be looking for is to see if you have Meniere's Disease, which can range from mild (like mine) to severe (people who can no longer drive and have to go on disability because they have strong attacks out of the blue). They'll also check to see if you're just experiencing BPPV, which is basically when the crystals in your inner ear are free floating, causing that awful spinning sensation in your head. Lots of people just have BPPV. Also let them know if you're experiencing sensitivity to sounds (hyperacussis) along with the tinnitus.

If it's Meniere's or BPPV, treatments range from the Epley maneuver, which can be performed at home without a doctor, to lowering your sodium intake drastically (that worked for me the best) to gentamicin injections in your eardrum. I even benefit greatly from sleeping only on my back and not rolling over, the latter of which can cause pretty bad vertigo for me.

I would doubt the workout supplement you took has any correlation with your symptoms. Rather, it probably just heightened your awareness of how you're feeling. Anxiety attacks are not uncommon with Meniere's and/or BPPV, in my first-hand experience.

But, above all, make an appointment with an ENT. Understanding what's causing this and personally taking control of your own care goes a long way to putting you on the road to improvement.

Hit me up with any questions or clarifications, and hang in there.