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Re: A Second Enhancement...

Originally Posted by PabloPicasso View Post
I would really love some feedback on this issue..
I had my Lasik surgery a couple years ago, only had -2.50 and -2.75 to start with and ended up with halos, and as someone here described it as the edges of letters and objects not being very well defined...

A year ago I had an enhancement done on both eyes, one of them got a lot better, all the halos and problems disappeared. but the other one remained unchanging..
I can really feel the difference and never seem to be able to just forget it and let it go even though I have a 20/10 in both eyes.

should I undergo a second enhancement for the one eye that wasn't fixed with the first enhancement?
I had minor epithelial in-growth with that same one after the first enhancement that was limited and went away by itself...

What is the rule on doing a second enhancement..

I would be happy with what you have now. I bought into the lifetime plan but my concerns is that each time the flap is lifted it heals, not fully as the doc can relift it, and more scaring happens. You have 20/10 in both eyes and a blurry 20/10 is called a Lasik 20/10 as my original eye doc would not prescribe glasses with a blurry anything. Enjoy what you have - years down the road you can opt for an enhancement if you so decide.

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