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Re: straining after stapedectomy

I did have that fullness feeling after my second stapedectomy. I have actually had four all together now. 1st in 1993,,2nd in 2011, 3rd 2011 and my other ear this year. My incus eroded from my first causing my piston to dislodge and the second didn t work due to scar tissue but the 3rd did on the same ear.. 2011 was my other ear and it worked also.

Back to the fullness feeling. Do you mean like a feeling that something is in there? I know I did have that after my second surgery but I also remember having a full feeling due to the blood and swelling. I went for my audio 6wks post and that is where they could see the improvement. I do know that I have heard of others that took alittle bit longer to heal..My doctor said that it can take up to 6 months..