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mind over matter... do you believe it will work?

I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder as a kid, and i always noticed it very mildly throughout my life.. i was scared of doing little things but it never really truly affected my activities/the things i wanted to do, and it was definitely never on my mind. suddenly this past summer everythingchanged.. my anxiety heightened.. i dont know.. but by a wholeeeee lot. im an INCREDIBLY social girl, i live for travel, i live to go out everyday, i have alot of friends and all of a sudden, all thats gone..

i had my first panic attack studying for a test and ever since then i grew this fear of "what if it happens during my test? or in public? or always" and i kind of became afraid of leaving the house. i realized that this was insane and i could not go on doing this, so i got up and forced myself out and after a few months i told myself that whats the worst that can happen? i panic for a bit then im fine again! i was and am doing a lot better.
but now i find myself worrying about every little thing! i worry about if im allergic to foods i eat, or if ill have throat swelling in public or something and ive NEVER been this bad before with my anxiety!

im a strong girl andi refuse meds. i really believe i can talk my way out of this. itll be long and hard but i think i can...
MY QUESTION IS.. is it possible to do this? and secondly.. will i just keep spiraling out of control?

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