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Re: peroxide flushing

Thanks for your reply. I have now been on clarithromycin (2x500mg) since Monday. With all the antibiotics I have taken, I start to feel a little better on day 2-3 of the antibiotics, then go back down hill again. On Clarithromycin the mucus has cleared significantly ( although I have also been using xylometazoline spray and pseudoephedrine tablets, but have stopped the tablets now, and only using the spray once or twice a day).

I am still flushing out mucus with saline flushes, but much less coming out than last week. I am continuing with peroxide flushing once a day. What I am noticing is more blood..whereas 3 weeks ago, I had very little blood...I think the saline flushing and peroxide flooding is getting deeper into my sinuses. However, I'm not sneezing now during flooding, which is odd!

The pain is also easing up a little ( I'm still taking 25mg amitriptyline and 2x500mg paracetamol when the pain gets worse in the evening).

Overall, I think my symptoms are improving slowly, but don't think the infection has gone completely. I am hoping by monday I will have improved more, otherwise I'll be back to the doctor getting more antibiotics.