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Re: Bone pain

Hi again my friend. I was wondering if the lotions you mentioned are prescription or over the counter. I have used Biofreeze for several years now and it does help with the muscular pain but had little effect on what has been going on lately. Also use Lidoderm patches but they give minimal relief as well. Seems they have little effect on this type of flare pain. I have pretty much just laid around the last couple of weeks on top of pillows and heating pads due to the excruciating pain. It feels like daggers in my bones of my feet when I try to walk so exercise is pretty much out of the question right now although it is a little less painful yesterday than before so hoping this was just a new kind of flare and is finally subsiding. I know that this wide array of symptoms we have is so peculiar. One minute you can feel fine and the next you feel like you are dying. I do have labs suggestive of sjogrens and have had some eye issues of late that I contributed to that. On drops for that now.

Getting in the tub seems to help some temporarily, used a couple of bags of epsom salts this go round/ Just hard to get in and out when it is like this. Do wish I had a hot tub as it would probably help even more to be able to stay in a little longer and at will. I know I soaked 3 times a day for several days just to get comfortable. Oh well..

Thanks for the suggestions and will look for your reply on the lotions. Hope you are doing well.