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Re: Started my taper yesterday... Have a question

Hi Wendy
I have been off Klonapin 4 monthes and 1 week as of today. No Ambien since about Sept 1. And no Zoloft or nefazadone since about the end of September. I still have the pain pump. I am not totally insane! The chronic pain was real and definitly warrented pain management. I get a very tiny dose of hydromorphone (Dilaudid) thru it. Thats whats neat, the teensy dose, directly into the spine. Unlikely to become addicted, and tolerance very slow to build, its been almost 2 years since I got it and have never had the dose changed to a higher one!
I made a boo-boo. My doc ordered Zoloft, 50 mgs a day. I really didnt think it was a good idea but was pretty deperate for relief (Pill = feel better) so I took it and that night had the absolute Mother of panic attack. OMG! That will be the last anti-depressantt I least for now!