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Dr not helping anymore, something else is wrong & really need help

Hey everyone,
Many of you know my issues but haven't been on lately...
I've been going to my primary allot lately because something else is going on. At first she really seemed to want to help me. No this last time I could tell she's sick of me.
I've had headaches for as long as I can remember, probably in my late teens. It's been so normal to have atleast a mild headache I don't think about it. It's when they get so painful all I can do is lay down & not do anything, that's when it really effects me. Pain meds don't touch it.
Anyhow, I've had vomiting issues for a couple yrs. usually with headaches but sometimes with it so mild I barely notice.
I had a GI & abdominal ultrasounds done & more labs but everything was fine.
Everything is always worst this time of year & vomiting happens more. But it's been so ba that for a month I was vomiting almost daily. Doing alittle Bette right now but still get the every day headaches, nausea, ect. Thought if wake up puking last night & the night before but done good so far.
Anyhow, I blaimed it on my body's way of dealing with pain for awhile there but it's not normal & shouldn't be this bad. I get to throwing up & it can last 15 hrs, can't keep anything down. I usually deal with it but hubby made me go to urgent care last time it was really bad.
I'm in so much pain right now. My neck is always the worst. I'm having such a hard time dealing with it. My Rhum will only prescribe tramadol which I take 100mg twice daily. All it ever does is take the edge off. The last 3 days its doing nothing.
Also, it doesn't take much for me to over do it. I can hardly do anything without making it all worst. I'm doing nothing but laying on the couch wishing for relief. I may make a simple dinner or hang up some laundry but that's about it!
I seen my dr last week. She wants me to keep a headache journal because she thinks its migraines. It is likely but I get the impression she's just trying to give me a diagnosis to leave her alone. I think there is something causing the migraines. I wanted to get a nasal cyst checked out that was on my MRI 2 yrs ago. Make sure it's not a tumor or gotten bigger but she says its fine & refuses to look into it further. I asked I be refered to another Nuerologist & she refused. I've read about Chiari Malformation a long time ago. But since the Nuerologist I seen 2 yrs ago checking for ms said no lesions & I figured it was normal. But I posted on another board recently about migrains and someone with Chiari pointed out that it sounds like I have Chiari symptoms.
So I would like to get it ruled out, but how? I was thinking maybe i could pay a Nuerologist to look over the MRI to rule it out but can't seem to find one that specializes in it... I'd like to get a referal but dr isn't taking me serious.
I honestly feel like I'm just slowly dying. When I get so sick I'm afraid that I won't wake up in the morning. It's all just sooo bad. If its not pain, headaches or vomiting the fatigue is awful.
How do I get a dr to take me serious? I don't deny fibro but something else is wrong. I know I have a hard time showing pain. Te dr sees me looking normal. But I don't feel that way. I'm so sick of it!
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