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Re: how to cure acne naturally

In my teens I tried prescription antibiotics and a lot of gels, creams, every kind of soap and other stuff to cure acne. Some things helped, but nothing worked well. In my 20s I finally learned that milk chocolate, peanuts, and trans-fats all tend to give me acne. I would guess that must be because they raise blood levels of bad fats--or at least in adipocytes in the sebaceous glands of skin pores. (I had suspected it before, but everywhere I looked said that that was just a myth or old wive's tale.) I was pleased to learn eventually that only milk chocolate caused acne for me and I could still eat more expensive chocolate without concern. Cocoa powder also doesn't bother me, just cocoa butter (especially the cheaper varieties--like regular candy bar chocolate). It makes me suspect it's a result of higher rancid/oxidized/polymerized fats that appear in cheap stuff.

It's interesting that there's a potential yeast connection too. I know the main player in acne's supposed to be propionibacterium, but it's interesting to note that high skin fat is known to encourage skin yeast growth. If stress is ever causing acne, it may be mediated by digestive yeast (like candida). If there's any chance it's acne related to yeast activity, cranberry might help, because it has some mild anti-yeast effects. Probiotics could help too by minimizing yeast in the GI tract.