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Has Cialis Stopped Working?

My urologist prescribed a 6 month course of Cialis 3 weeks after RRP when the catheter was removed.

After about 1 week of taking Cialis, I experienced increased libido and "pre-erection". This last one is the sensation of blood accumulation preceding what would have been an erection. I took this to be a positive effect of taking Cialis. These sensations lasted for about 3 weeks.

The sensations stopped a couple of days after starting the second month's course of medication.

I am left wondering whether I have mistaken some temporary (hormonal?) reaction to surgery for the effect of medication.

Cialis isn't cheap and, if it has ceased to be effective (if it ever was in the first place), I am disinclined to continue with it.

Has anyone on this forum had the same experience? If so, what advice can you give?


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