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Originally Posted by Chicabellarox View Post
How are you doing? I am newly pregnant too and suffer from chronic pain. Not having the meds I need is very difficult! I hope you are able to get off neurontin soon. I hear it is very dangerous for the baby.
UGH, i just lost all of my reply.
since making this orignal posting I made an appointment for the pain management doctor who is with my neurosurgeon. Both he and my OB approved the use of hydrocodone for me. I hope to get off it soon and it has not helped really take the pain away. It just makes me able to function in my days like a halfway normal human. Although driving (45 minutes one way) to work is always killer, faced with sitting on my butt for another 8 hours. To help I've bought a kneeling chair and take frequent walking breaks.

In the months that have passed I've tried physical therapy to no avail. I declined on receiving epidural injections and soon made the decision that the best hopes of me resuming a normal life, relatively pain free and off of medications is going to require me to go through surgery.

Late last month I had a repeat MRI which showed that my L5/S1 herniation got worse, it was 8 mm now it's 12 mm, STILL impenging on my sciatic nerve. The surgeon has decided he won't operate on the other two as I am having no symptoms from it.

I'll update again when I get the surgery, the baby has made it into the second trimester.

I can't WAIT to get this done, work is just, ugh, life is just UGH. Hopefully i'll have a good recovery as the nere has only been compressed for about 4 months. I also plan to do PT while off work with some seriousness, buying a back brace (not given by the surgeon i just want to make sure i don't jank anything around) and I'll hopefully eat good food, take it slow and just walk on the treadmill when I can get my BF to drive me there.