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Re: Help! I take Tylenol daily and I think my liver hurts. Is it serious?

Originally Posted by msucks View Post
I was taking too much Tylenol from my pain from endometriosis and a couple of days I just didn't want to get out of bed and it was hard for my son 16 at the time to wake me up....Then I broke into severe hives because I am allergic to nsaids and I think somehow there was one mixed in with my tylenol, anyhow long story short I ended up looking like I was all drugged up so my son rushed me to the ER and they said I was so lucky that my son was there when he was and that he got me there in time because they said that if I wouldn't have got there Like I said ( I only would have had 9 hours to live) Scary Words as you can imagine They said they could tell that my liver was swollen just when they would palpatate by it...How have you been now? How bout a urgent care clinic in your area just for that kind of exam?
How incredibly ironic again! I am allergic to NSAIDs as well, hence why I take just Tylenol. I used to take ibuprofen all the time, then after I had my daughter they were giving it to me in the hospital every four hours for pain (I went natural). Well a little after every dose, hives everywhere. Allergy to NSAIDs didn't even cross their mind, they just threw itch cream at me and kept shoving ibuprofen down my throat. When we got home and my daughter was 5 days old, I took some for a killer headache hoping to catch it before it turned into a migraine. Laid down for 25 mins and when I came to relieve my fiancÚ so he could get some sleep for work, he was like OMG what is wrong with you?!?! I was swollen every where, hives everywhere and he rushed me to emergency. Thankfully the only thing that didn't swell was my throat. I am ok today, day four of no Tylenol, and between that, this cold that won't go away, and a 3 year old with a cold, my head hurts lol. But I'm still "well" in comparison to the Tylenol toxicity timeline. As soon as I get better I'm getting bloodwork done, if I can get the orders, and making an appt with an allergist to see if I am still allergic to NSAIDs. My doc said it might have just been temporary, as your body chemistry changes for about a year after birth. I may look more into what a naturopath does, and if that seems good, go see one. I'm so sleepy all the time, no energy, and not excited for life. Also cold all the time. I'm only 24! And I love my baby more than anything, she doesn't deserve a mother who PUSHES herself to do things. I've seen a few docs about this, and I was just told, yea your severely anemic and they threw iron pills at me. I took them for four years with no change until I decided to stop wasting my money on them. Oh the joys of life. Why can't I be a normal 24 year old lol? Thanks for sharing your stories, I enjoy listening! Sounds like we have a lot in common already :-)