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MS, RLS, Convulsive Spasms

Howdy all. I'm still in the probable Dx; my neuro wants to see evidence of additional plaquing before giving me a firm Dx. No problems with that. HOWEVER, I'm having a new symptom and want to know if others have been thru this. My mother (PPMS) seems to have suffered from it; my sister (SPMS) has it to a much lesser degree.

Essentially, I'm talking about RLS (restless leg syndrome) for which I take 2 mg Ropinerole before bed. Sometimes it's right side; other nights left side and on those really special nights, it's both sides. Woooo-hoooo. (Hey, gotta maintain that sense of humor, seriously.)

Past month or so, the RLS has been much worse -- usually more on right than left, but not always. When I say worse ... I mean my leg(s) and abdominal muscles spasm in concert so I sit bolt-upright and let out a loud grunt. It also involves one or both arms. The spasms used to be only between say 10 p.m. and sun-up. And there was usually a good 15-20 minutes between spasms. Now I spasm about once a minute from roughly 4 p.m. - 10 a.m. (only a few spasm-free hours a day) and it's every night.

Ropinerole helps, but literally knocks me out. I've tried Flexeril and Diazepam to calm the muscles, but neither has worked. Only thing that helps is any kind of opiate. I take Oxy already, but need to take extra to stop spasms and I don't like playing that game.

Thoughts? Comments? Anyone? THANKS!

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